School projects

hobbit bookcoverMy first design project: make a modern book cover of any book. Of course my immediate choice would be the Hobbit.

DVD coverSecond project: create a DVD cover for a made-up crime film. All of my projects must include own photography and art, even the titles are hand-generated.

comic strip

This would be a comic strip, hand generated, although I’m thinking about re-doing this project on the computer.

magazine double spread

A magazine double spread for dieting, another project I am considering to re-do on the account of it being called “too circly”

This one I like to call ‘Emotional letters’ though I am not 100% sure if that is the actual name of the project. The aim was to use a letter 3 times to create 3 different emotions. After much fuming over how I was going to make a S look happy, I think I came pretty close to the emotion. I chose S thinking it would be the most versatile to mess around with. Order of emotion from left to right: Happy, angry, sad or scared or sickly? I really don’t know. You decide.

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